2019 Resolutions

Revisiting one of my favorite pastimes, my blog I shared with my bestie from college (hi kels!) one of our first posts we ever published were our New Year resolutions in 2014. 5 years later I’m back at, broadcasting my resolutions and committing to writing and creating for a la mere.

New Year Resolutions January 2014:

1) Start this blog

2) Get a job

3) Run a half marathon

4) Be more vulnerable

5) Disconnect from my technology more often

6) Roadtrip to/Explore cities in the US I have never really been to (Charleston, Nashville, Philly)

7) Wear less makeup

8) Find a rewarding way to give back (any ideas are welcomed)

9) Start eating fish

10) Confidently take on the NYC dating scene (single and ready to mingle)  

New Year Resolutions January 2019:

1) Restart a blog (check!)

2) Continue to find work that inspires and challenges me

3) Run another half marathon

4) Feel healthy

5) Keep doing things that make me happy and cut out everything that doesn’t

6) Be more social

7) Learn to do yoga for what it does to the mind not just the body

8) Be confident and trust that things will happen

8) Take more risks

9) Try to enjoy the process not just the end result

10) all of these too : )