Everyday Makeup Routine - Travel Edition

There are some beauty products I become truly loyal to (currently #1 on that list is Lash Slick), but for the most part I love trying new products and switching up my routine. Here’s a look of what I brought for a few days in NYC.

Cuyana- Leather Travel Case Set: I love everything from Cuyana, but if you buy nothing else you have to get this travel set. I received mine as a gift from my bestie and I have also gifted the set multiple times. Regardless of age or style it makes a really great thoughtful present.  

Summer Fridays - Jet lag Mask: I have already preached my love for this mask, but it truly is a fab product. My skin does not handle travel well, especially traveling into the middle of a NY winter, so I was very happy I had packed my Jet Lag Mask. My skin was feeling extra dry so I used the mask in place of my usual moisturizer as a primer before applying my makeup.

Giorgio Armani Beauty- Luminous Silk Foundation: I first spotted this foundation on Michaela Podolsky and her skin always look so amazing. It truly has a smooth silk finish and lasts all day. No touch ups required!

RMS- “UN” Cover-Up: In an attempt to clean up my makeup products and living dangerously close to a Credo, I picked up this concealer from RMS. It is super lightweight and hydrating and I use it for under my eyes and to cover blemishes. Bonus points for it being clean!  

Tom Ford- Shade and Illuminate: A last minute addition to my Sephora sale haul this compact is surprisingly my most natural blush/highlighter duo. I’ve been asked before by a guy I was dating about the “sparkles on my face” when using a different highlighter so to avoid such questioning I highly recommend the highlighting “cream” in this duo compact.

Glossier- Lash Slick: Mascara used to be a product I had little to no brand loyalty to. Past rotation included: Too Faced - Better Than Sex, MILK Ubame Mascara, Le Volume De Chanel, Diorshow Lash Extension, the list goes on. However I am truly obsessed with Lash Slick which I can say just really makes my lashes look GOOD.

Glossier- Boy Brow: A solid brow gel option this one is really great for travel due to its compact size.

Laneige- Lip Sleeping Mask: More of an everyday gloss than a sleeping mask, it’s like a 2019 upgrade of old school Rosebud Salve, but better.

That’s it! 7 products to a glowy natural everyday makeup look. What’s your favorite everyday product? I would love to hear!