Glossier Product Review


Glossier Product Review

Breaking down some of the most hyped beauty products from the most insta famous brand. Here are my honest reviews:

Boy Brow: ($16)

  • Shade I have: Blonde

  • One of the three rotating eyebrow gels I use and was included in my Winter Travel Makeup post. I love the brush and how easy it is to build natural color.

  • Would I buy again? Yes, doesn’t blow me away and I have found others I love just as much but a solid brow gel.

Lash Slick: ($16)

  • My most favorite mascara EVER. Lengthening, hydrating, flexible, and water resistant it does it all! In all seriousness it is the most natural looking and length enhancing everyday mascara.

  • Would I buy again? YES YES YES and I already have 3x.

Cloud Pant: ($18)

  • Shade I have: Dusk

  • This gel-cream blush formula comes in six shades and is intended to be slightly scheer and buildable. I found it to be too pigmented on initial application and once I blended it in it wasn’t very long lasting and I felt it was gone after a few hours.  

  • Would I buy again? Probably not, but maybe I will try a different shade.  

Lidstar ($18)

  • Shade I have: Fawn

  • I am a sucker for liquid eyeshadows. I love how easy they are to use and can easily take a look from day to night. Lidstar goes on super smooth and creamy and I think it is way less sparkly than it appears on their website.  

  • Would I buy again? Yes, I also want to try out the Herb and Moon shades.

Balm DotCom ($12)

  • Shade(s) I have: Birthday, Cherry, Mint

  • I think everyone already knows Balm DotCom is a star product. Birthday is my favorite lip balm ever and I love that whenever you apply it in public people are immediately intrigued why it suddenly smells like a Milk Bar Birthday Cake. The perfect amount of sparkle and scent that brings me right back to the lip smacker days.

  • Would I buy again? Yes, Birthday4eva.

Are you a Glossier fan? Have you tried any of these products? What brand should I review next?