12 of the Best Beauty Products on Amazon


Amazon prime members, this one is for you! I’ve racked up quite the collection of beauty products and gadgets and one of my favorite places to find the latest and greatest? AMAZON! Here are some of best a la Mere Amazon Beauty finds:

Products marked with a *P are available for Prime delivery!!

Essaroa Ice Roller $11.99 *P

My gateway amazon beauty purchase that I am sure you have seen on more than a few feeds. Hungover? Ice roll. Puffy Face? Ice roll. Got your wisdom teeth out? Ice roll. Blemish? Ice roll. Migraine? Ice roll. Can’t recommend it enough and it’s less than $15.

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox, Hydra-Gel Eye Patches $30.95 *P

I keep these in the fridge and throw on a pair whenever my under eyes need a boost or before a night out. They really work and my under eyes always feel super hydrated and smooth whenever I use them. They also don’t slide off so you can wear them while you do your hair or my fav under sunglasses walking to your next errand. : )

Portable High Frequency Machine  $28.69 *P  

Okay. This one looks weird or in my sisters words, “wtf is that thing?! Looks fallic.” lol. I just got this on Sunday so have only had a few days to test it, but so far I’m hooked! This spooky tool clears acne, reduces acne scarring, accelerate blood circulation, and boots collagen. Will keep you posted on my results, but in the meantime you can read more about on this article from Byrdie, this blog post from Two Peas in Prada, or if you need more convincing Steph Shep uses it. One tip I can share is you will definitely want to follow up with your favorite moisturizer since your skin will feel a little dry and tight (but in a good way).

Organic Caster Oil $10.00  *P

I had a really traumatic incident involving my lash curler, and an unfortunate timed sneeze. I lost a few precious lashes that day (RIP) and not wanting to commit to a chemical lash growth serum, I opted for the natural nontoxic route and bought this caster oil. I apply it every night (whenever I remember) and swear it truly works!

Microfiber Face Towels - (pack of 6) $10.06 *P

I have become somewhat of a germaphobe and my rotation of two face towels was not cutting it. I found these perfectly sized machine washable microfiber towels that come in packs of six and I can now happily use a fresh towel each time I wash my face.  

Bamboo Velour Cotton Rounds (pack of 16!) $13.99 *P

Makeup wipes always irritate my eyes and I hated how wasteful it felt to use a single use cotton pads and found this pack of 16 reusable/washable cotton rounds. Needs no further explanation and a great purchase for anyone looking to reduce single use items.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer $59.99 *P

Anything I can do to simplify the daily production that is getting ready in the morning, I’m sold. I have an expensive hair dryer that I pretend to like because of how much I spent on it, but honestly I love this combo brush/hair dryer from Revlon so much more. My hair feels super smooth, healthy, shinny, and my blowout volume seems to last all day.

360 Rotating Makeup Organizer $22.99 *P

I have a lot of products and this was the easiest way I found to organize a bunch of beauty “stuff” using just one shelf in our bathroom closest. Making room for lots more. Hehe sorry roomie.

Tinkle Razor Pack $4.60   

Peach fuzz be gone. Learned this one from the OG beauty junkie Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. You can read all about it here.

Makeup Brush Washer $12.99 *P  

Makeup brushes are dirty and nobody I know actually washes them as often as we are supposed to (1x a week). I found this washing tool to be fun and extremely satisfying way to quickly wash out all the built up product.

Glass Dropper Bottles $4.99

None of your fav products come in 3 oz travel friendly sizes? SAME. I have your $4.99 solution. I fill one with my face wash and the other with toner, lotion, serum, or whatever I need and boom there ya go, your products are now TSA carry-on approved.

Face Roller $19.99  *P

Last but not least, here is a Gua Sha and Rose Quartz Roller pack for less than $20. I have used a variety of rollers and never found expensive ones to be any more productive than these ones from Amazon. I also keep them in the fridge with my under eye patches.  

Any Amazon beauty related product you love that you think I’m missing? Please let me know!

Besos to Jeff Bezos!