W.R.L. #2

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Welcome to W.R.L. where I will be sharing what I have been watching, reading, and listening to this week.


The Final Table / Netflix

I loveeee cooking shows. Even though I normally don’t eat 95% of what is shown I find it so inspiring and love the journey of how something is made. Netflix has produced some amazing cooking shows like The Chef’s Table, Ugly Delicious, For Grace and so many others. Ironically, a food production documentary is what originally made me go vegetarian 10 years ago!

Megan Roup / Obe Fitness

I have a love/hate relationship with at home workouts because I strongly believe you should never do a burpee or a tuck jump or even a single mountain climber in your living room. I feel so strongly about this that when I committed to doing BBG I would go to the park and do it outside every morning on the tennis courts. Obe for some magical reason is the only workout I thoroughly enjoy doing at home. It’s so perfect for mornings you don’t have a lot of time, don’t feel like going anywhere, but want to do something quick and effective and Megan Roup is one of my favorite NYC based trainers.  


Understanding—and Healing—the  Female Brain Body Connection / Goop

Currently in the midst of my own health journey (more on this another day) I resonated with this interview with physician-scientist Sara Gottfried so much. If you feel any sort of imbalance or that something is “off” in your body definitely give this a read. I immediately bought her book after reading.


Cuyana's Karla Gallardo/ The Glossy Podcast

The glossy podcast is a weekly show discussing the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries with the people making change happen. This episode with Cuyana Co-Founder, Karla Gallardo was super interesting especially on the tails of their huge round of funding announcement. In case you missed it, I did a full brand highlight on them earlier this week.

The Ladygang Podcast  

One my favorite podcasts in my weekly rotation I literally LOL walking to work. These girls (Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek & Becca Tobin) are hilarious and have really fun guests. I was uncontrollably laughing during the episode with Brad Goreski.

What are you WRL to? Any suggestions for me? I would love to here.