The best fashion finds on Amazon including these trendy barrettes!


I’m sure we are all now aware of the infamous “Upper East Side Coat”, which TBH I think is kind of ugly. (Sorry!) However, I have found more than a few things I LOVE on Amazon from trendy pieces I might only wear a few times to things I use around the house everyday. Check out my roundup below of the latest & greatest Amazon finds. See my previous Amazon round up of Beauty related products here.

Products marked with a *P are available for Prime delivery!!


Adewu - Heart Sunglasses $9.98 *P

These YSL knockoffs might be my fav amazon find in this roundup. They come in lots of colors and while I love them enough to wear them for everyday (seen here, here, and here) they are cheap enough to be dress up accessories for bachelorettes, vacation, costumes etc.

Fani - Acrylic Hair Barrettes (10 pack) $22.99 *P

Featured in the picture above I thought these were absolutely the cutest clips and I love the variety of colors. They feel high quality and like they will actually hold the hair in place and not just be decorative.  

Lesset - Rhinestone Hair Barrettes $9.50

Much different vibes than the barrettes above but fun and trendy and less than $10!

Valkit - Apple Watch Wrap Band $19.88

I wasn’t ready to commit to the much pricier Hermes apple watch wrap band so thought I would try the style on for less and got this band in the double tour- brow color. The style / color combo that I got is not currently available, but this seller adds colorways all the time.


S13 - Kylie Puffer Jacket $88.27 (in jet) *P

My last minute much needed winter coat that comes in ton of colors and is always on sale either on Amazon or Gilt. Feels super high quality and looks cute on.

CHOiES - Faux Shearling Coat $40.59 *P

Is the teddy trend over? Not sure, but this cute coat is less than $50 so not a huge commitment. Previously wrote about this coat in my Cozy Coats under $100 post here.

Storage / Packing

Obe - Packing cubes (6 piece set) $19.99 *P

I have the packing cubes from Away, but have heard these ones are really great and less than ½ the price!

Augbunny - clear pouches (4 pack) $10.99 *P

I love these pouches and have now ordered them in 2 sizes. I use them for packing charges/tech, keeping my work bag tidy, skincare, makeup, snacks etc. I even used one of the medium size pouches as a clutch in LA!

GooBloo - Woven Basket  $30.99 *P

Laundry storage was really ruining my room decor vibes until I found this woven basket that fits perfectly in the corner of my room and looks much nicer than the situation I had before.

Indressme - Cotton Robe Basket $31.47 *P

This is another really great woven basket that we now have to store all our beach towels and blankets.

OrganizerPro - Jute Storage Basket $21.90 *P

My current bedside table does not have any cabinets so I use this basket to store all that random stuff you keep in a bedside table.

Riseon - Seagrass Plant Basket $17.98 *P

I think the most annoying thing about owning real plants is that they require new roomier pots as they grow. If you're looking for inexpensive woven baskets for your needy AF plants this one is great and comes in 6 sizes.

This was a completely random assortment of goods, but giving the people (2 people on insta) what they asked for! I’m thinking for my next Amazon roundup I’ll share all my kitchen gadgets and wellness goods.