How to get a better night sleep

You know those people that can fall asleep anywhere and are classified as “good sleepers”? Well, I am certainly not one of those people. In fact, in the past few years I have experienced insomnia, sleep anxiety, and far too many restless nights. Thankfully, I can say I have found a few tips and tricks that have greatly improved the quality of my sleep and I no longer walk around feeling like a nocturnal creature.

My Sleep Dont’s:

No caffeine after 12pm. Yup and I actually don’t even drink coffee anymore, I know I’m crazy, but I try not to have any matcha or caffeinated tea after 12pm.

No screens in bed. Well I’m currently breaking this rule as I write this post in bed… past my bedtime..but I used to have to fall asleep with my TV on every night. A terrible habit I started in college. I no longer let myself watch shows in bed and try to not sit there on my phone scrolling, but instead read a book or turn on a sleep meditation.

Don’t work out at night. If I do any sort of high intensity work out at night I am guaranteed to have a terrible night sleep. Anytime I get home late from an event or travelling it always takes forever for me to wind down and feel “tired” for sleep.

My Sleep Do’s:

Have a schedule and stick to it. As many nights as I can, I go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday.

Take natural supplements. I take magnesium before bed every night and have these CBD gummies I take on occasion. I also use the Sleep Well oil blend from Saje and rub it on my neck and pulse points. An avid lea lover, my favorite sleep teas are this one from Sakara and this one I found on Amazon. A main ingredient in both is catnip. Yes, like what people give their cats!

Wear an eye mask.  Currently have this one from Saje Wellness and this one from Lunya is en route. An eye mask is essential for me especially when travelling.

Have white noise or a sleep sound. I currently sleep with a fan on and always turn on a sleep meditation from Headspace. They have one meditation specific for falling back asleep that really helps me.

Make your bed somewhere you want to be. This post was originally titled “the bed of my dreams”, but quickly evolved into a post about my sleep habits which I think is telling of how important my bed is. My personal cloud is composed of the following: I have a blend of the Parachute Percale Cotton and Linen bedding, the Matelasse Coverlet that I use on cold nights and the Buffy comforter. My mattress is shockingly from ikea, but I genuinely love it and find it very comfortable and the perfect amount of firm.

A bit much? Maybe, but this compilation of habits have significantly improved my Zzzs.

Do you have any unique sleep tips or tricks? I would love to hear them!