4 activities to improve your mood


As you may have seen around the web, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since moving to SF I have made it a priority to work on myself and my well being physically, but also mentally. Ironically I have also been struggling this month to feel confident, find inspiration and have been feeling just sort of blue at times. In these times of feeling down I’ve found a few things that I can always do to shift my mood and greatly boost my mental wellbeing.

Get Outside

One of my absolute favorite things about SF is how easily you can be out of the city to wine country, the beach, or deep into nature. There is something so amazingly grounding about getting lost in nature, sitting on a beach, or even just taking a walk without your phone.

Write about it

Sparked by a creative writing class in high school, writing has always been one of my favorite ways of expressing myself. I have sticky notes on my phone full of lines of unfinished poems and a google drive where I let myself just GO with whatever my mind feels like writing. Don’t know where to start? I love this site that has hundreds of writing prompts.

Chill Yoga

Unlike my usual hot yoga sculpt I do most weekday mornings, the most relaxing and rejuvenating 75 minutes of my week are the Sunday evening Yin class I’ve been going to. I find myself in a meditative trance almost every class and leave feeling truly euphoric. SF friends this is the studio I go to.


JOMO is legit. I never used to prioritize sleep until I literally couldn’t sleep (more about that here). It’s so important to physical and mental health and if you don’t believe just how significant it is, check out this study from Harvard.

Here is a list of a ton of other great tips for focusing on and improving your mental health.